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The task of ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association) is to promote the knowledge and professionalism of members and owners alike in the fields of trade marks, designs, copyrights and other Intellectual Property rights, within the European Union.

About ECTA

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By becoming an ECTA member you will benefit from our vast experience, knowledge sharing and promotional initiatives, gaining access to highly specialized trade mark, design, copyright and related information as well as numerous European and non-European attorneys who share your interests.

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ECTA Newsletters

03-17 March Newsletter

In this edition you will have access, amongst others, to the following news: ECTA Workshop, ECTA Award, ECTA's 36th Annual Conference registration open, and, EU Adoption of…

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Position papers

ECTA’s position papers represent the balanced position of the association on issues regarding trade marks, designs, anti-counterfeiting and other related intellectual property rights. 

February 2017
ECTA Position Paper: Proposal for a Portability Regulation
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July 2016
User Associations Communication

The ECTA blog provides entries of news and information in the fields of trade marks, designs, anti-counterfeiting and other related Intellectual Property rights within the European Union.

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More publications

Press Releases Law Books Gazettes

Under this section you can find press releases as well as articles, interviews,podcasts, law books and gazettes which have implemented all articles that have won the ECTA best articles competition.

Annual Conference

ECTA Conferences are an ideal  opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in European and other significant IP legislation, litigation and practice and participate in related discussions. 


Autumn Council and Committee Meetings

ECTA's Autumn Meeting takes place in October and is a working meeting for the Council and Committees. The next meeting will take place from 20-22 October 2016 in Bordeaux, France.


Round tables & Workshops

By organizing round tables and workshops, ECTA tries to promote knowledge and practice in the field of Intellectual Property rights. 


More events

More events provides events which are hosted by other associations in relation to IP matters.



The Council has delegated some of its powers to Committees which are, together with the Management Committee, the heart of the Association. It is from these Committees that the Council’s work stems. At this level, the principle of representation by a member from each Member State in each committee has been adopted. In addition, the participation in the various committees of Associate and Affiliate members enhances the discussions. The reports and recommendations submitted by the Committees and approved by the Council are therefore the result of a European Union wide approach to each matter under discussion.

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Members directory

With more than 1400 members, ECTA is one of the largest European Associations. The on-line membership directory is a valuable tool for networking.

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