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Anti-counterfeiting committee


The Anti-Counterfeiting Committee has a broad agenda which includes the analysis and discussion of legislation and practical enforcement techniques in relation with the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, mainly at European Union level, the sharing of experience amongst EU and non-EU Committee members for the establishment of best practises on the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, support and lobbying for the adoption of the most effective legal anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy measures in the framework of the E.U, through meetings with various authorities and the submission of Position Papers and a follow up on the proposals on anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy legislation by the E.U. Commission and other competent authorities and submission of comments and suggestions. The work of the Committee includes the cooperation with other international organisations, representation and promotion of ECTA’s visibility at International Forums in the field of anti-counterfeiting. and a brief up-to-date review (tour de table – orally and in writing) of national anti-counterfeiting developments during ECTA meetings.

Mission statement

The Mission of the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee is to make an effective, substantial and enduring contribution to the pan-European and international efforts to combat counterfeiting and piracy by the sharing of professional experience and best practices. The Committee prepares proposals and submissions for the promotion of the most adequate legislation and practical enforcement techniques and practices on the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, mainly at European Union level, and the promotion of anti-counterfeiting awareness in a broader legal, economic, social and political environment.



Vrins, Olivier - Belgium


Sansone, Luigi - Malta


Gommers, Carina - Belgium


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Adams, Michael - Canada

Agarwal, Shishir - Mauritius

Bartošovičová, Zuzana  - Czech Republic

Bikoff, James - USA

Bogdanovic, Milos - Serbia

Cagirgan, Riza Ferhan - Turkey

Casalonga, Caroline - France

Conidi, Valeria - Italy

Cox, Paul - UK

Cruz, Nuno - Portugal

Daniel-Shores, Robert - Brazil

Decker, Marianne - Luxemburg

De Meersman, Roland - Belgium

Durand Grahammer, Juan Carlos - Peru

Fernández, Wilfrido  - Paraguay

Ferrante, Michele - China

Frisch, Crina-Nicoleta - Romania

Fukui, Takao - Japan

Fulajtár, Dr. Zsófia - Hungary

Gommers, Carina - Belgium

Gonzalez Rossi, Diego - Mexico

Grucelski, Tomasz - Poland

Guell, Jordi - Spain

Hadad, Xavier - Mexico 

Harding, Sylvie - France

Holý, Petr - Czech Republic

Ibeku, Ike - Nigeria

Janezic, Aleksandra - Slovenia

Jørgensen, Frank - Denmark

Kolwas, Andrzej - Switzerland

Krakowiak, Bartosz - Poland

Kretschmar, Paul - Germany

Leber, Ursula - Austria

Linch, Andrew - United Kingdom

Liu, Jeffrey - China

Loew, Jessica - Germany

Maillefer, Christophe -  Switzerland

Manuilenko,  Olena - Croatia

McGovern, Patricia - Ireland

Mioludo, João Paulo - Portugal

Mottet Haugaard, Annick - Belgium

Naia, Alessandra - Italy

Nowak, Laurent - France

O'Conor,  Santiago - Argentina

Pechan, Lambert - Germany

Pirolina, Deborah - Italy

Pittaluga,  Martin - Uruguay

Ramonatxo, Helene - France

Rodríguez Domínguez, Fernando - Spain

Sansone, Luigi - Malta

Schneider, Marius - Belgium and Mauritius

Schwab,  Florian - Germany

Singh, Shivam Vikram - India

Siotou, Katerina - Greece

Sirakov, Stoyan - Bulgaria

Sparring, Sara - Sweden

Strateva, Yoana - Bulgaria

Traplova, Jana - Czech Republic

Torres, Eugenio - Puerto Rico

van den Broek, Gie - Netherlands

van der Straaten, Ranee - Netherlands

Vasilescu, Raluca - Romania