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Copyright Committee


Recent technological and economic developments have amplified the convergence of intellectual property rights, challenging traditional national and international laws. In light of these advancements, the Copyright Committee will broaden ECTA's scope of activities within an already well-established multinational community of intellectual property experts. Presently, copyright law is only partially unified across the European Union. Whilst the Court of Justice has sought to take the lead in advancing harmonization, by interpreting existing copyright-related directives, the European Commission has identified the unification of copyright as a substantial part of the Commission's Digital Agenda 2020. It now becomes more pertinent, therefore, to explore the commonalities and differences of intellectual property rights to avoid inconsistencies within the legal framework of European intellectual property law. The ECTA Copyright Committee will thus critically study, analyze, survey and report on copyright-related legislation, case law and other developments in the world of intellectual property. 

Mission statement

The Mission of the Copyright Committee is to actively participate in and offer valuable contribution to the development of copyright and related laws, including the further harmonization of copyright law in the European Union. The Committee will study, analyze, survey and report on the developments related to the EU Commission's Digital Agenda 2020, as well as the international copyright treaties and copyright-related case law, focusing on the recent judgments issued by the Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts. The Committee will actively establish a close relationship with the European Commission and the legislative bodies of the Member States as well as with international organizations like WIPO and national IP associations. 



Freudenberg, Dr. Christian - Germany


Angelini, Fabio - Italy


Ntouna, Victoria - Greece


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Abegg, Barbara - Switzerland

Andrade, Antonio - Portugal

Bahattin, Carkaci - Turkey

Barrutieta, Borja - Spain

Berendsen, Thomas - Netherlands

Birman Ripstein, Eduardo - Mexico

Bratt, Catharina - Sweden

Brtka, Roman - Germany

Cavanaugh, Dennis - USA

Corbiau, Valérie - Belgium

Cubitt, Sofie - Belgium

Daudpota, Faisal - UAE

Dharsan Seiter, Kiran - Singapore

Díaz Alaminos, Bárbara - Denmark

Dijkman, Léon - Netherlands

Dlacic,  Albina  - Croatia

Drgan, Tjasa -  Slovenia

Futman, Ozlem - Turkey

Göbel, Dominik - Austria

Hançar, Hande - Turkey

Hechanova, Editha - Phillipines

Hoole, Chris - UK

Horak, Michael - Austria

Jakubauskas, Tomas - Lithuania

Joly, Charles-Antoine- France

Klimis, Olivia - France

Lesser, Jacqueline - USA

Ludwig, Jan Rasmus - Germany

Madey, Iana Roueva - Bulgaria

Moya Fernandez, Natalia - France

Patrini, Massimiliano - Italy

Probst, Philippe Marc - Switzerland

Puskaric, Branimir - Croatia

Rana, Vikrant - India

Rizzo, Jeanine - Malta

Sala, Carlo - Italy

Sanmartin, Jose Antonio - Spain

Šokec, Valentina - Croatia

Taxhet, Martina - Germany

Viešūnaitė, Vilija - Lithuania

Vukmir, Mladen - Croatia

Winthagen, Nils - Netherlands

Zhao, Yan (Jane) - China