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Design Committee


The Design Committee of ECTA works on relevant and actual issues of the protection and enforcement of Industrial Designs. The diversity of the Design Committee members constitutes a true platform for exchanging experiences and discussions leading in the recognition and evaluation of European, International and national Design Law issues, elaboration of solutions and comparative studies and expression thereof in the form of position papers. The agenda of the Design Committee comprises the study and discussion of all the arising matters which concern Industrial Designs protection - updated - as well as the constant analysis of the legal instruments and tools of Designs in order to propose its development and possible harmonization. Enforcement matters are also on the agenda.

Mission statement

The Mission of the Design Committee is to be an expert spokesman regarding the protection as well as the enforcement of Industrial Designs. This comprises, inter alia, the examination, elaboration and recommendation of Design right related matters in European, International and national Design Law in order to promote and improve the Design system on the European, International and national level as well as to increase its worldwide visibility.



Schramm, Peter - Switzerland


Legrand, Stephanie - France


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Alves Vieira, Marta - Portugal

Bansal, Shravan Kumar - India

Breitinger, Beatrix - Germany

Bressler, Eyal - Israel

Brtka, Roman -  Germany

Bürglen, Nils - Germany

Campeanu, Aura - Romania

Collis, Patricia - United Kingdom 

De Gaspari, Andrea - Italy

Drnovsek, Nina - Slovenia

Ferretti, Niccolò - Italy

Fourmanova, Ekaterina - Russia

Gevers, Benjamin - Belgium 

Goos, Rogier - Belgium

Guerlain, Stéphane - France 

Hackbarth, Dr. Ralf - Germany

Havlik, Michal - Czech Republic

Kirilova, Temi - Bulgaria

Kiviniemi, Katri - Finland

Kleinheyer, Adrian - Germany

Kobayakawa, Shunichiro - Japan

Muyldermans, Jeroen - Belgium

Nigam, Kavita - India

Pakharenko-Anderson, Antonina - Ukraine

Peroff, Bryan - USA

Pouw, Renate - Netherlands

Rizzo, Sergio - Spain

Schumacher, Dr. Jan - Germany

Smyth, Shane - Ireland

Stevenson, Melanie - UK

Strobel, Eva-Maria - Switzerland

Thielmann, Andreas - Germany

Volken, Bernard - Switzerland

Wheeler, Patrick - United Kingdom

Zenker, Stefan - Germany