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Law Committee


The Law Committee has the primary function to follow, study, analyze, discuss and report to ECTA President, ECTA Council and the ECTA Management Committee developments on general and specific issues of EU trademark law and practice. In the course of its activity the Law Committee regularly drafts position papers on several issues, often in conjunction with other ECTA Committees, as well as participates (through its Chair, Vice-Chair or volunteers members) to official meetings and/or sessions with EUIPO, WIPO, the EU Commission and other sister organizations. The Law Committee, being composed of private practitioners and in-house counsels working both in EU Member States and abroad, seeks to reflect ECTA’s constituency, believing that a diverse membership is a key factor in representing and giving voice to the largest possible number of EU and non-EU trademark law experiences.

Mission statement

The Mission of the Law Committee is to analyze and take position on legislative, regulatory and case law developments or proposals pertaining to trade marks and other forms of intellectual property rights at the International (when affecting the EU), European Union and EU national/regional levels. The Committee also considers questions arising from the new framework affecting trade marks, including the globalization of markets and the changes in the world economy. The Committee may also liaise and work in co-operation with other ECTA committees and intellectual property organizations on issues of common interest. The functioning and works of the Law Committee reflect the supranational and nation-neutral character of ECTA and its standard of excellence.




Bercial-Chaumier, Cristina - Spain 


Marx, Andrea K. - Germany


Błach-Morysińska, Klaudia - Poland


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Balçik, Zeynep - Turkey

Basile, Katherine - USA

Boesch, Emanuel - Austria

Caballero-Perez, Mariola - Spain

Chugh, Neha - India

Cruz Garcia, Maria - Portugal

de Benedetti, Fabrizio - Italy

De Tullio, Michele Elio - Italy

Diez de Rivera Elzaburu, Ignacio - Spain

Durán, Luis-Alfonso - Spain

Grundmann, Mascha - Germany

Homann, Philipp - Spain

Hurtado Rivas, Myrtha - Switzerland

Ingrand, Grégory - France

Jelcic, Luka - Croatia

Jensen, Maria Dam - Denmark

Kaase, Rainer - Germany

Kocsis, Dr. Tamás M. - Hungary

Lange, Prof. Dr. Paul - Germany

Liu, Rainy - China

Lyberis, Nikolaos - Greece

Matsina, Ingrid - Estonia

Morcom QC, Christopher - UK

Müller, F. Peter - Germany

Nazaré, Sara - Portugal

Pasiut, Anna - Poland

Pavlov, Vasil - Bulgaria

Pereira da Cruz, João - Portugal

Peters, Phillipe - Belgium

Petivlasova, Sarka - Spain

Pfleghar, Udo - Germany

Polo, Carlos - Spain

Rodrigues, Patricia - Portugal

Schalast, Eva - Germany

Schnyder, Donald - Switzerland

Sonn, Helmut - Austria

Stadnik, Maria - Russian Federation

Tan, Cheng - UK

Thunberg McCann, Malin - Sweden

von Mühlendahl, Alexander - Germany

Zaboliene, Reda - Lithuania