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Membership & Disciplinary Committee


The Membership Committee develops and implements an action plan for member-ship development. The ability of ECTA to serve the trademark community is directly related to the size and strength of the association’s membership base. To recruit new members, the Membership Committee sets goals, develops a plan for achieving them and communicates with association members and other committees in order to implement the plan. The Membership Committee leads the association’s recruiting efforts, and therefore encourages all members to reach out to colleagues and acquaintances in other law firms, at courts, in offices and in business corporations by asking them to join. The Membership Committee is regularly conducting association assessments in order to determine ECTA’s perception by members. The committee ensures that members are informed, involved, and recognized for their contributions to the association which will increase member satisfaction. Monitoring trends in attendance and length of membership can point out concerns that will be addressed by the Committee.

Mission statement

The Mission of the Membership Committee is to strengthen the membership base, to achieve association membership goals such as to conduct association assessments, to determine strengths and weaknesses, to create a positive association image that is attractive to prospective and current members alike; to develop and improve programs to educate and train new and current ECTA members and to develop cooperation and exchange of expertise with other trade mark related international as well as national associations. The Committee is also responsible for the enforcement of the Code of Conduct of ECTA that contains general principles concerning the professional conduct of the Members of the Association, thus complementing the statues and By-laws of the Association.



Schork, Micaela - Germany


Ramage, Maggie - UK


Pechan, Lambert - Germany


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Bürglen, Nils - Germany

Christodoulou, Michael - UAE

Durán, Luis-Alfonso - Spain

Fiammenghi, Eva - Italy

Frisch, Crina-Nicoleta - Romania

Gonzalez Rossi, Diego - Mexico

Havlik, Michal - Czech Republic

Keschmann, Marc - Austria

Kihn, Pierre - Luxembourg

Lau, Patsy - Hong Kong

Li, Na - China

Malamis, Alkisti-Irene - Greece

Marie, Aurélia - France

Pereira da Cruz, João - Portugal

Sasvari, Gabriella - Hungary

Stopinska-Slefarska, Anna - Poland

Theodoulou, Christos Achilles - Cyprus