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EUIPO Link Committee


The EUIPO Link Committee has two key activities: Firstly, it is active in monitoring the daily work of the EUIPO. ECTA members either directly or through the various committees can draw the attention of the ECTA EUIPO Committee to pitfalls in EUIPO’s practice and case law. The ECTA EUIPO Link Committee will evaluate the points raised and discuss those issues with the Office. This is either done by sending position papers to EUIPO's Executive Director on behalf of ECTA or by means of one or two personal meetings at the EUIPO per year. Secondly, the EUIPO Link Committee provides input on strategic developments of the EUIPO, either through attending general meetings such as the User Group or Administrative Board meetings.

Mission statement

The Mission of the EUIPO Link Committee is to build and maintain a close relationship between ECTA and the EUIPO. This allows ECTA to address and reflect ECTA members’ views on issues of principle and general practice which ECTA has noticed arise in business with the EUIPO. It also allows the EUIPO to express its own views towards ECTA and its members on recent developments at the EUIPO and in the trade mark and design world and to provide a forum for a constructive dialogue. Members of the Committee also participate in official meetings with the EUIPO such as the User Group meeting, the MBBC or the EUIPO’s e-business meeting.


CHAIR (Representative from the Harmonization Committee):

Dolde, Tobias - Spain

VICE-CHAIR (Representative from the Geographical Indications Committee):

Fontaine, Benjamin - Spain

SECRETARY (Representative from the Harmonization Committee):

Granneman, Monique - The Netherlands


Representative from the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee

Gommers, Carina - Belgium

Representatives from the Copyright Committee

Angelini, Fabio - Italy

Hoole, Chris - UK

Representatives from the Design Committee

Rizzo, Sergio - Spain

Kirilova, Temenuzhka - Bulgaria

Representative from the Internet Committee

Sindelka, Karel - Czech Republic

Representatives from the Law Committee

Bercial Chaumier, Cristina - Spain

Kocsis, Dr. Tamás - Hungary

Representatives from the Professional Affairs Committee

Minguez Balaguer, Manolo - Spain

Doherty, Seamus - Ireland