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Professional Affairs Committee


The Professional Affairs Committee has been established in order to deal with matters concerning the profession of trademark attorneys. These duties include the overall monitoring of issues that concern the trademark and design profession in general, as well as issues effecting trademark and design practitioners in Europe. The Committee’s efforts focus on well-balanced projects, resulting to surveys, comparative studies, position papers and recommendations, in view of establishing a functional, quality and ethical trademark and design system within the European Union, while adopting the best elements available from other systems, through a comparative and pragmatic approach, and contributing to a high-level and professional legal practice in trademark and design matters throughout Europe.

Mission statement

The Mission of the Professional Affairs Committee is to generate, maintain and promote quality standards, ethic rules, recommendations and a communication forum for the members of ECTA and other EU trade mark and design attorneys, by providing consistently excellent information, guidelines and related services to the members of ECTA for the recognition of a qualified trade mark and design profession in Europe.



Lukacsi, Peter - Hungary


Masoulas, Christina - Greece



Keymolen, Kris - Belgium


MEMBERS 2016-2019:

Baptista, Filipe - Portugal

Bavaro, Rosa Anna - Italy

Beetz, Rainer - Austria

Belciu, Delia-Mihaela - Romania

Biancotti, Carla - Croatia

Damianova, Krassimira - Bulgaria

de Fries, Jette - Denmark

Doherty, Seamus - Ireland

Enghardt, Franc - Netherlands

Fabio, Francesco - Switzerland

Fiammenghi, Eva - Italy

Guttmann, Martin - Slovakia

Habič, Jasna - Slovenia

Kihn, Pierre - Luxembourg

Maracewicz, Michal - Poland

Merzvinskis, Gatis - Latvia

Minguez, Manuel - Spain

Pakeniene, Ausra - Lithuania

Pavelts, Villu - Estonia

Pimenta, João - Portugal

Ramage, Maggie - UK

Ramage, Benjamin A. (Eric) - UK

Sandell, Niklas - Sweden

Sansone, Luigi - Malta

Schaeffer, Michael - Germany

Thomann, Martin - Switzerland

Zippelius, Wolfgang - Germany