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WIPO Link Committee


The WIPO Link Committee consists of the relevant members being representatives of other Committees, the Chair, and the Vice-Chair. The Committee has four key activities:


1. The Committee is active in monitoring and commenting on the relevant work of WIPO, its online services, its examination routines and fee structure. ECTA members either directly or through the various Committees can draw the attention of the WIPO Link Committee to concerns or areas to be enhanced in WIPO`s practice. The WIPO Link Committee will evaluate the points raised and discuss those issues with WIPO. This is either done by sending position papers to WIPO`s Director General on behalf of ECTA or by other appropriate means.


2. The Committee attends regularly meetings at WIPO including an ECTA – WIPO bilateral meeting to ensure the relationship between the International Bureau and ECTA is strengthened.  ECTA also participates in working groups, especially in the working group regarding the Madrid, the Hague system and/or the Madrid Consultation Group.


3. The Committee also provides input on strategic developments of WIPO, including international treaties on trade mark and design issues, but also on internal structures, such as allocation of funds and human resources.


4. The Committee is also involved in education such as the organization of workshops and seminars together with WIPO on topics related to trade marks, designs, geographical indications and domain names. The Committee also invites representatives of WIPO or other experts in relation to WIPO issues to the ECTA Annual Conference and workshops.

*We encourage ECTA members to draw the attention of the WIPO Link Committee to pitfalls or areas to be enhanced in WIPO`s practice and case law. In particular, to write their opinions and proposals concerning E-Madrid and other WIPO-related issues (i.e. Madrid and Hague). If you are interested to participate, please write an e-mail to ECTA Secretariat at 

Mission statement

Build and maintain a close relationship between ECTA and WIPO. Address and reflect ECTA members’ views on issues of principle and general practice which ECTA has noticed arise in WIPO's practices. Generate and promote own initiatives to foster the quality of the international trade mark and design law with a particular focus on the European market. Engage WIPO at ECTA events and motivate WIPO to express its own views towards ECTA and its members on recent developments in the international trade mark and design world and to provide a forum for a constructive dialogue.





Hurtado Rivas, Myrtha - Switzerland 


Volken, Bernard - Switzerland


Markusev, Denisa - Romania


Copyright Committee

Abegg, Barbara - Switzerland
Viešūnaitė, Vilija (substitute) - Lithuania

Design Committee: 

Ferretti, Niccolò (substitute) - Italy

Geographical Indications Committee:

Ockl, Nicole Stephanie - Germany
Falconi Perez, Cecilia (substitute) - Ecuador

Harmonization Committee:

Lazenby, Claire (substitute) - United Kingdom

Internet Committee:

Petillon, Flip - Belgium
Barbero, Luca (substitute) -  Italy

Law Committee:

de Tullio, Elio - Italy
Rivera Elzaburu, Ignacio D. (substitute) - Spain

Professional Affairs Committee

Enghardt, Franc - Netherlands 
Bavaro, Rosa Anna - (substitute)- Italy