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ECTA Award 2018

Details of the event:

ECTA takes pleasure in inviting students and professionals to take part in the ECTA AWARD 2018.  The deadline for receipt of papers is 15 April 2018.

The purpose is to grant an Award to an individual who has written an article or an essay of importance for the development of European Trade Mark Law, Design law, Copyright law or Geographical Indications law. It is intended to present the Award in Athens during the Association’s 37th Annual Conference.

This initiative shall have a great impact on both students and professionals involved, who will be motivated to improve their knowledge in their areas of interest, as well as to give their unique contribution in creating more unified solutions within the European Union trade mark jurisdictions.

The full ECTA Award criteria can be found HERE

The synopsis for the student category can be found HERE

The synopsis for the professional category can be found HERE