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By becoming an ECTA member, you will not only be able to attend the ECTA conferences on IP matters at a reduced rate but also benefit of a full range of services such as the monthly Newsletter informing you of ongoing IP matters.

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If you would like to join the Association, please complete the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM below - or the APPLICATION FORM and send it to the:

ECTA Secretariat
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Telephone: 32/2-513 5285
Telefax: 32/2-513 0914

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N.B. The amount of the annual subscription to the Association is 255 EUR for Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate membership categories, 127,50 EUR for Recently graduated and Retired membership categories and 25,00 EUR for the Student category.

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Your Local VAT/Tax ID number is required by European Law since January 2011. If you do not have a local tax number please mark N/A.

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